Easy Glow in the Dark Jack o’ Lantern Pumpkin

Make a pumpkin (or other object) into a glowing jack o’ lantern. This easy project is a great way to preserve a pumpkin that you want to use as a decoration, but don’t want to carve. The trick is to use glowing craft paint, which is available in a variety of colors. The pumpkin will glow after you turn out the lights, leaving the jack o’ lantern face in the dark. You can get an even more powerful glow if you “charge” the paint using a black light or even leave the black light on. Happy Halloween!

Music: “Selenium” by Azareal, available on Amazon.com


Easy Bronzed, dewy skin. Get that glow! | Tutorial

My most requested video from the Spring/summer 17 trends video. The bronzed dewiness is easy and it gives you a gorgeous, healthy look, perfect for all year round! Enjoy & Don’t forget to subscribe!! Lisa xx #LearnwithLisa

products used
Dragons blood red velvet cream

Rose Hydration serum

Dew the Hoola
Hello flawless oxygen wow in honey
Stay don’t stray
Shy beam
Hoola quickie contour stick
Dandelion twinkle
Precisely my brow pencil 05
Ready set brow
Hoola lip gloss

Huda beauty palette


Glower and others August 24, 2012

Although is a long video, I will list time where orbs begin. There is time where nothing is seen, so feel free to skip to the next orb sighting.
50 second mark: Orb begins to glow then fades back to original size at 1:12
6:15 becomes difficult to see
8:13 see much smaller orb gets difficult to see at 8:55
10:00 see larger orb again traveling quickly and changes direction before fading behind tree line at 13:00
13:20 another fast orb that also seems to change speed and direction, at approximately 14:27 notice on bottom left of screen another orb that is traveling towards top of screen where both are seen for a few frames, but I dip down to follow original one, when I pan up I noticed a third orb at 14:53 which was not the same as the one at 14:27. I was able to keep filming 3rd one at 15:07. I tried to scan for the other one, but couldn’t find it so kept filming 3rd one which I film until approx 18:32. There is a long period of scanning until 21:15 when I again pick up another orb that I film until 23:31 when it also goes behind tree line. And the next orb of this segment seen at 24:35, is filmed until 26:50 where it is intercepted by yet another orb traveling in the opposite direction which I continued filming until the 30:00 mark. Then, my neck got really really tired and I had to take a break. First orb that glows was simply amazing. Thanks for watching.